Mission Statement

To legally and ethically promote the exchange of information on the prehistoric and historic heritage of the Falls region among professional archaeologists, students, avocational archaeologists and collectors, professionals in other disciplines (historians, teachers, etc.), Native Americans, and other members of the interested public.

Goals and Objectives:

-To disseminate research findings of professional archaeologists to the public in a non-technical but informative format;
-To enlighten the public regarding existing educational resources and programs
-To identify archaeological volunteer opportunities and facilitate participation in public archaeology;
-To present an informed and united voice for the preservation and conservation of archaeological resources in the Falls area;
-To provide training of interested individuals in archaeological methods and techniques;
-To recognize the role and value of responsible avocational archaeologists and to provide a medium by which their contributions can be made available to professionals and the public;
-To mentor and encourage students in their pursuit of professional accreditation and to provide an outlet for the publication of student research papers; and
-To collectively enjoy our common fascination with the past of the Falls area.

We are part of an on-going story in the Falls region!