In order to make this project as successful as possible, we need to document many examples of projectile points with good provenience from our region. We would like to add any artifacts that you may have found to our report. Please note we will NOT keep or borrow any artifacts, nor will we ask the exact location where it was found. If you have artifacts that you would like to show us, please email Anne Bader or attend one of our FOAS meetings.

Please also see the FOAS Resources page for more information on responsible collecting and laws in the area.



blondehornstone-02 This is what some knappers call blond hornstone…. It is a rare form of Wyandotte chert. If you find a hundred Wyandotte nodules, maybe three will be this material. The nodules look exactly like regular blue/grey material and are found with them. It can mimic the good pieces of brown Muldraugh chert but it’s a better material. This material has probably been mis-identified in archeological settings.