Falls of the Ohio Archaeological Society

Guest Speakers

Any club, society, civic organization, or school group that would like to have a guest speaker, please send an email to abader@ciarch.com or call Anne at (502) 592-2235. We offer lectures on the following topics:

  • The Prehistory and Archaeology of Kentucky and Indiana
  • Archaeology as a Profession
  • Early Redware and Stoneware Potters of the Falls Area
  • The Moundbuilders
  • What Can Archaeology Teach Us?
  • Prehistoric Artifacts
  • Historic Archaeology in Jefferson County
  • Archaeological Field Techniques
  • Making Chipped Stone Tools
  • What is an Archaeological Site, and How do you Recognize One?
  • Responsible Collecting

In addition, we can present lectures on specific archaeological investigations, including, but not limited to:

  • The Meyer Site, Spencer County, Indiana
  • The Rockshelters and Cave Sites of Jefferson and Bullitt Counties
  • The KYANG Site, Jefferson County, Kentucky
  • The Archaeology of Guthrie Beach, Jefferson County, Kentucky
  • The Conrad/Dravo Site, Jefferson County, Kentucky

In many cases, we can also customize a presentation to meet your needs. Please feel free to ask if we can cover a topic not listed here.

When calling to schedule a speaker, please be sure to state:

  • the approximate age range of the audience
  • the size of the group you expect to be in attendance
  • the subject matter you would like to have discussed
  • the date and time requested, and
  • the length of time you want the presentation to run.

In some instances, we can bring along artifacts, posters,or displays to enhance the lecture. Also, with sufficient notice, we can arrange to have school children participate in activities that replicate the use of prehistoric and early historic artifacts and technologies, such as:

  • Nut cracking and corn/maize grinding
  • Hide scraping
  • Pottery and brick making
  • Drilling with stone drills
  • Leather working and use of bone awls and needles, and
  • Native American games

Due to the sharpness of flint and other cherts, stone tool making, or flintknapping, cannot be offered as a hands-on activity. However, flintknapping demonstrations, as well as atlatl throwing competitions, are occasionally scheduled. Please check the Schedule of Events for these activities.